Comprehensive case studies

Corporate strategy case studies

Strategic indication prioritization

Learn how Trinity helped identify and prioritize indications adjacent to that of a near-to-market product.

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Franchise strategy 

Learn how Trinity helped a client explore growth opportunities in the diagnosis and treatment of growth hormone deficiency.

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Strategy and market landscape

Learn how Trinity worked with a client to define and review the women’s health market (across 40-50 disease areas) to expand strategic positioning and complement current offerings.

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Pipeline and portfolio optimization case studies

Indication prioritization

Learn how Trinity identified and prioritized potential indications for a product that would present the best commercial options for a client.

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Portfolio prioritization

Learn how Trinity explored candidates beyond a client’s existing clinical development program in search of promising targets/concepts.

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Portfolio strategy

Learn how Trinity worked to identify which near-term research programs a client should pursue that would leverage their proprietary technology.

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Licensing and acquisition

Asset scan & target prioritization

Learn how Trinity helped a client grow a specialty franchise, identifying high priority areas, and completing scans for potential acquisitions in those areas.

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Franchise development strategy

Learn how Trinity helped a client, who was seeking to enter the pain market, leverage synergies with their established CNS franchise.

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Market landscape and asset valuation

Learn how Trinity helped with the construction and validation of worldwide forecast models for use in both internal pipeline planning initiatives as well as new business development decisions.

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Asset evaluation

Learn how Trinity worked with a client to evaluate the value proposition and positioning of a potential new product acquisition to determine market potential.

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