College recruiting

At Trinity, we’re a leading life sciences consulting firm that provides strategic and tactical insights to clients worldwide.

I love to travel. And because many of my projects involve global clients, I’ve gone to some great places and gain a larger perspective of the industry.

Who is Trinity

We are a consulting firm that works with clients who are among the most successful firms in the industry and include a mix of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and diagnostic companies. We place a high value on our people and believe new graduates provide a unique asset to our company, providing creative, fresh thinking, and a drive to succeed. 

Our culture stresses hard work and ambition, and rewards our employees accordingly. If you have a degree in life sciences, and believe you have the intellectual curiosity and the drive to make a difference, we’d like to meet you.


When we say we work hard and we play hard, we mean it. Trinity believes in a work-life balance. We want our employees to be challenged and engaged both in and out of the office. We pride ourselves on an active lifestyle that promotes teamwork through a variety of events. We believe in mentorship and training, and employees of all levels are active participants on their teams from day one.  

Where our associates come from

At Trinity, we place top value on our people and are highly selective in choosing who joins our team. We look for talent from amongst the best and the brightest coming out of the undergraduate and advanced degree programs at leading universities, as well as career professionals currently working in various health sciences disciplines. 

Why consider Trinity

There are lots of reasons for you to consider Trinity. Here are just a few:

  • We are in our 14th year of profitable growth
  • Our Associate Consultants work directly with senior management—and gain direct exposure to clients and business issues
  • You will not get lost in layers of managers
  • You will be surrounded by accomplished colleagues who share similar interests in life sciences
  • You will enjoy short business trips that ensure a better work/life balance
  • You will drive your own success through value-add individual and team performance
  • You will work in a collegial, collaborative team environment


Our employees come from leading programs at top universities around the country. When you interview at Trinity, you’ll probably run into a fellow alum or two from such schools as Harvard, Princeton, Dartmouth, Cornell, Tuck, Middlebury, and many others. 

Undergrads & advanced degrees