At Trinity, innovation comes from our visionary partners, who lead with intelligence and inspiration.

We are committed from the very top to helping our clients find solutions for their most difficult challenges in navigating today’s complex life sciences landscape.  Our partners are people who have “been there and done that.” They know just what to do to provide the guiding force to help our clients achieve success.  

Trinity is about positioning our clients to lead the way in today’s complex health care environment.

John Corcoran: The founder and President of Trinity Partners, LLC.

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Introducing John:

John has over 20 years of consulting experience in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, with particular interests in commercialization strategy, data management, statistics, and analytics.

Professional Highlights

  • Co-founder and chairman of Odyl, LLC, a social media platform company
  • Co-founder of Soteira, Inc, a medical device company pioneering new stent technology in spinal surgery
  • Founder and chairman of Akuta Labs, a pharma- and biotech-focused software developer

Background & Education


  • Harvard College AB magna cum laude, History
  • Northeastern University, MA
  • John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard, MCRP

Strategic consulting: John and his team foster a style of strategic consulting that is fact-based and heavily quantitative. “We know that precise market assessments result from intensive data analysis and fact gathering,” he says. “Our quantitative approach is enhanced by our in-depth familiarity with the larger trends and issues that impact life sciences.”

Passion for life sciences: For John, passion for life sciences comes from his firm belief in specialization. “We work on a global basis and have evolved a cross-functional approach to consulting. We can simultaneously deploy resources who are experts in commercialization, advanced analytics, statistics, and quantitative market research. Our model is all about domain expertise—we consult on the basis of knowing the life sciences vertically, with unmatched levels of insight.”

Client relationships: Being deep vertically gives Trinity’s clients a decided advantage. “We’re seldom surprised. We generally know the larger trends before anyone else does.” John says. “This is a constantly evolving space, and by thoroughly understanding how it grows and evolves, we’re able to give our clients a competitive edge.”

The pursuit of excellence: Trinity is built on a culture in which the objective is flawless execution and deliverability of a superior product. “Our clients engage us to work on their most challenging business issues. They often need answers quickly and meeting those expectations requires an intense application of resources and skill.”

Leadership: Due to the pressures of being profitable today, some companies may develop a myopic focus. That’s not true at Trinity. “Thinking that is skewed too heavily on the present is limiting,” John states, “but true leaders drive in multiple directions, with both a present and future focus—where the business is today and where it is heading in coming years.”

Life outside the office: John is so passionately involved in his work, that it does not even seem like work to him—it’s his life. That being said, the free time he does have is devoted to his family. With 4 children under the age of 13, he’s busy 24/7. “I really do like to work and I enjoy my family time. It all works well together and it’s great to find that perfect blend.”

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At Trinity we are one team, committed to the results of our clients. Our collaborative working style breaks down hierarchy allowing us to put the best answers forward.

David Fitzhenry: Managing partner of Trinity Partners, LLC.

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Introducing David:

For over 15 years, David has been a trusted consultant on an extensive range of commercial strategy projects. His experience includes considerable work in global markets, as well as in-depth knowledge of the critical areas for new product development.

Professional Highlights

  • Led Trinity’s consulting practice to 20%+ annual growth sustained over many years
  • Developed and implemented best practices for new product launch planning, licensing and acquisition due diligence, and forecasting
  • Conducted hundreds of licensing and acquisition due diligence assignments, including asset and company evaluations that resulted in billions of dollars in transactions
  • Member of the Joint Commercialization Committee for a PIII product, providing strategic insights and guidance for launch preparations
  • Extensive experience with companies of all sizes, from venture-backed startups to big pharma 

Background & Education


  • Employee #3 at Trinity, joining as an Associate in 1997


  • Harvard University 
  • Board of Directors, Sports Legacy Institute

Strategic consulting: Consulting in the life sciences arena demands knowledge of global markets and an expertise in most therapeutic areas. “This is our specialty at Trinity,” David says. “We work with clients who appreciate what Trinity can offer—on a wide range of interesting projects.”

Passion for life sciences: Learning about diseases, and the products clients are developing to treat them is part of the passion for David. “We’re able to help clients find success, and we’re viewed as their ‘go-to partners.’ That’s the real payoff for me. We’re building a company that’s meaningfully influencing our clients’ businesses.”

Client relationships: David is inspired by every client relationship, from small clients who are passionate about what they do and take a chance on what they really believe in, to mid-size clients and their resourcefulness in finding creative ways to keep their businesses going and growing, to large pharmaceutical clients and their strategic diversity. “I’ve learned so much from all of them—whether from up close or from afar,” he says.

The pursuit of excellence: Trinity has created a culture of excellence. "Within this culture, good enough is not good enough,” states David. “This attitude cannot be a directive from the leadership – it is inherent in the people we hire, who challenge and motivate each other to push the limits and not be satisfied with the status quo.”

Leadership: David observes that the best leaders know enough of the details to understand how those issues impact the longer term strategy of the company. “We have a vision of how things should be done, and we are honest in conveying the capabilities and resources needed to achieve that vision.”

Life outside the office: “I have 3 boys who keep me busy with sporting events, travel, and school,” David says. He’s also a member of the board for the Sports Legacy Institute, which advances the study, treatment, and prevention of the effects of brain trauma in athletes and other at-risk groups.

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We’re an organization of out-of-the-box thinkers, who have the ability to identify novel business opportunities for our life sciences partners.

Leslie Sandberg Orne: Senior Partner at Trinity Partners, LLC.

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Introducing Leslie:

Leslie is an expert in strategic marketing, asset valuation/forecasting, and market assessments for pipeline and licensing/acquisition opportunities. Having been with the firm for over a decade, she has helped design the company’s best practices across these key business functions. She currently co-leads the generalist consulting group at Trinity and is responsible for key clients across Trinity’s spectrum of pharma, biotech, and medical devices.

Professional Highlights

  • Conducted assessments of hundreds of market opportunities for new products and business development, creating a unique and innate perspective on identifying the “good ideas”
  • Partnered with top executives at key companies in the biopharm space, including participation in multiple billion-dollar acquisitions and major brand launches
  • Has been a driving force behind Trinity’s strategic forecasting and asset valuation frameworks
  • Provided primary deal assessment and terms support for recent acquisitions totaling >$3BB
  • Provided direct strategic support to decision makers including CEOs, COOs, and other key personnel across the biopharm industry
  • Specializes in various markets, including CNS, cardio/metabolics, rheumatology, hematology, virology, gastroenterology, and several other specialty and primary care markets 
  • Contributed to major recent launches, spanning an array of therapeutic areas including virology, pulmonology, rheumatology, neurology and oncology
  • Was as a keynote speaker at the 2011 EyeforPharma Forecasting Excellence Conference
  • Designated as a Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA) Rising Star in 2012. This honor is awarded annually to women who demonstrate leadership, mentorship and dedication in the health care industry

Background & Education


  • Previously worked as a scientist in preclinical laboratory research


  • Graduated summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from Dartmouth College with a BS in Biology; All-American and captain of the varsity sailing team (National Champions)

Strategic consulting: Leslie enables her clients to identify and quantify numerous novel business opportunities in complex biopharmaceutical markets. Her approach supports her success. “From launching innovative brands to developing cutting edge new therapies, there is tremendous excitement working with today’s life sciences leaders.”

Passion for life sciences: Leslie is passionate about the promise of medicine and the possibilities of finding cures to the world’s most devastating diseases. Her pursuit of scientific hypotheses drives her to explore every fact before coming to conclusions. “I work on many different business opportunities and brands, so I’m actively involved in discovering answers that will help people live better lives.”

Client relationships: A remarkable commitment to her clients helps define Leslie’s extraordinary determination and triumphs. “My clients inspire me every day because they are at the forefront of developing and delivering care. It is their work that is making a dramatic difference for people living with various diseases.”

The pursuit of excellence: Leslie delivers exceptional work that routinely exceeds her clients’ expectations. “When you set the precedent of excellence and prove you are a valuable partner, clients will want to work with you again and again.” On top of her determination, Leslie acknowledged “I think big picture, but I never lose sight of the smallest details.”

Leadership: Helping clients achieve and maintain industry leadership emanates from Leslie’s deep understanding of the uniqueness of every situation. “In this extremely dynamic industry, the leaders are those who build on experience, but don’t rest on it.

Life outside the office: In her free time, Leslie seizes the moment just as enthusiastically as she tackles her work. Leslie is an avid runner, sailor, and snowboarder. “The perfect day is a trifecta,” she says. “Where you go to work, you work out, and then you go out. It’s all about being well-rounded.”

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The answers are in the details. At Trinity, we’re experts in analyzing massive and complex healthcare datasets to provide the vision our partners need.

Fotios Kokkotos, Ph.D, PStat®: Partner - Head Advanced Analytics at Trinity Partners, LLC.

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Introducing Fotios:

Dr. Fotios Kokkotos is an accredited professional statistician (PStat®) by the American Statistical Association with 20 years of experience in statistical consulting. Dr. Kokkotos specializes in the analysis of massive and complex health care datasets using sophisticated statistical techniques. Dr. Kokkotos has a wide range of experience in many areas of statistics, including but not limited to modeling patient health outcomes, sampling theory, survey designs, statistical modeling and forecasting, statistical computing, categorical data analysis, nonparametric statistics, stochastic processes, time series and mathematical finance.  Dr. Kokkotos has an extensive knowledge and research completed with secondary public health data. His current research interests are the application of statistics, data mining and statistical computing in efficiently exploring and integrating very large databases under the constraints of shared distributed memory and concurrent programming algorithms. Dr. Kokkotos has been the author and reviewer of numerous articles and poster presentations in many scientific journals and conferences.


Prior to joining Trinity Partners, Dr. Kokkotos held the position of senior statistician at the global statistics practice of PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, where he provided statistical support to clients from various industry sectors that included life sciences, financial services, telecommunications and consumer products. Dr. Kokkotos has also been an adjunct faculty member of statistics at the American University in Washington, D.C. Dr. Kokkotos is a long time member of the American Statistical Association, the American Mathematical Society, the Mathematical Association of America, and the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research.  Dr. Kokkotos obtained a doctorate degree in mathematical statistics from The American University.

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We're a team of problem solvers - with the expertise to identify, evaluate, and access a myriad of growth opportunities.

Yogesh Soneji: Partner at Trinity
Partners, LLC.

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Yogesh is an expert in global market assessments across a variety of therapeutic areas and industries (drug and devices). Key projects have included deal valuations (L&A), global strategy, portfolio prioritization, lifecycle management, and forecasting. 


• Has developed innovative frameworks and methodologies for strategic decision making
• Is known for his unique problem solving (novel situations, innovative approaches, formerly unsolved problems)
• Worked on a broad range of products (drugs and devices)
• Has a diverse clientele (large, midsize and startups)
• International involvement (North America, Europe and Emerging markets)



• Broad knowledge of consulting assignments across small and big pharma, biotech and device companies
• Dartmouth College (Masters of Engineering Management);
• University of Mumbai (BE in IT)


• Dartmouth College (Masters of Engineering Management);
• University of Mumbai (BE in IT)


Yogesh says it’s the broad range of life sciences clients that makes Trinity so unique. “We are experts in markets across a wide range of indications and have supported several key drugs throughout the product life cycle.” This insight, coupled with innovative approaches to problem solving, defines his strategic offerings to clients. 


(Great Research) + (Strong Design) + (Critical Thinking) = (Good Decisions) 


Yogesh’s passion comes from critical thinking—solving hard and important problems. “We don’t use a cookie-cutter approach. The field of life sciences is changing very dramatically and stakes are getting higher and riskier. We come to every engagement ready to develop new methods and unique approaches.”   


“There’s always an opportunity to go beyond,” Yogesh says. He notes that working at Trinity is team-based, with everyone on board to help clients achieve success. “We put the emphasis on being inclusive, and that’s a real benefit for our clients.” 


Yogesh says his motivation comes from finding solutions to problems where no solutions existed before. “There’s always something new to learn and there’s always something new to think about. That’s what gets me out of bed in the morning.”  


Long-term vision cannot be substituted, Yogesh says. “It’s the ability to mold markets by investing in research and development—and in people. At Trinity, leadership also signifies responsibility—external responsibility of serving our clients and internal responsibility of developing our people. We take that seriously.” 


Yogesh’s time outside the office is time spent with family and friends, traveling, and outdoor activities. He has a sandwich named after him at the Waltham cafeteria. 

He also plays a leading role in various non-profits, including Asha For Education, an organization that supports education for underprivileged children in India. 

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My mission is to make my clients’ decisions as easy as possible...I relentlessly work to get to the core of the insights that will be pivotal for my projects.

Neal Dunn: Partner at Trinity Partners, LLC.

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Introducing Neal: 

With over 15 years of notable experience in the pharmaceutical arena, Neal expertly employs his keen perspective into marketing projects, offering strategically sound and tactically actionable results for his clients' most significant brand questions. Through a wide breadth of marketing research methodologies, including conducting qualitative, quantitative, and modeling studies, Neal not only captures the critical patterns in physician prescribing, but also specializes in discerning the underlying drivers that motivate their behavior.

Professional Highlights 

  • Conducted thousands of primary market research studies supporting his clients’ most critical business questions
  • Specializes in applying the right research methodology to the business question, including, patient simulation, choice modeling, and descriptive methodologies 
  • Led previous company, Roger Green and Associates(RG+A), to the Honomichl 50, the Fortune 500 list of market research firms, in 2009
  • Tripled the revenue of RG+A over a 6-year period
  • Has grown a primary market research practice within Trinity that is now involved in >50% of all client projects
  • Presented at the Pharmaceutical Marketing Research Group (PMRG) conference in 2007, representing one of the leading healthcare marketing research professional associations

Background & Education 


  • Executive VP, RG+A; Marketing Research, Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • Domestic Marketing, Bristol-Myers-Squibb
  • Global Marketing, Bristol-Myers-Squibb 


  • Cornell University (BS in Neurobiology)

Strategic consulting:  When it comes to effectively solving a particular problem, clients clearly trust Neal’s ability to skillfully select the most appropriate tool from an extensive range of Trinity services to get the job done. “Our primary goal is to provide sound analyses and recommendations that empower our clients to make the best business decisions possible.”  

Passion for life sciences:  Growing up in a family of pharmacists, Neal’s interest in life sciences naturally runs through his blood. “I began to make my mark in independent scientific research quite early, in high school, and continued to honor my ambitions through college—earning a degree in Neurobiology.”  To move clients to the next level, and help them realize greater success, Neal’s efforts are focused on keeping a brand both informed and grounded in a truly factual basis.  

Client relationships: Neal has earned the reputation of being a highly valued partner to his clients.   “To a large extent, I demand that we bring clarity to the questions we ask, knowing that at times, it will be imperative to reframe them to help clients get the answers they need.”  The courage to be forthright with clients also elevates Neal’s partnerships above others.  “Sometimes you must deliver results that are not what the client was hoping to hear.” Getting to the truth of the matter will ultimately help drive our client’s success…even when some curveballs are thrown our way.” 

The pursuit of excellence: “My mission is to make my clients’ decisions as easy as possible,” Neal stated. “To achieve my goal, I relentlessly work to get to the core of the insights that will be pivotal for my projects.” It’s not unusual for Neal to take the unconventional paths to pursue information.  “As long as the data can assist my clients, I’ll find the best way to attain it, either by traditional means or by the less expected, more creative routes.”  

Leadership:  With the industry branching into so many different directions, Neal is steadfast on preserving the integrity that is the foundation of Trinity. “All of our potential lies within the very basics of being a trusted partner to our clients, their customers, and ourselves. Doing things the right way and maintaining our high priorities will continue to open many doors into the emerging markets.” 

Life outside the office:  Neal’s pursuit for excellence doesn’t stop when he leaves the office. Neal is a competitive triathlete and has already participated in 9 Ironman events. When he slows down a bit, Neal focuses his energies on quality time with his lovely wife and daughter.

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Passion, knowledge and creativity are at the heart and soul of the work we provide clients. With the right approach and the ability to
execute, there's no limit to the success
our clients can achieve.

Herman Sanchez: Partner at Trinity Partners

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Introducing Herman:

For nearly 15 years, Herman has brilliantly impacted the health care space— both in academia, studying mental health and developing successful models of health care delivery, and in strategic management consulting to pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotech companies. 

Professional Highlights 

  • Helped develop one of the largest randomized trials of elderly mental health in the country 
  • Published peer-reviewed publications on topics such as suicidal ideation, delivery of mental health care, minority patient recruiting, alcohol use/abuse, and depression/anxiety treatment
  • Designed numerous engagements to solve difficult business questions ranging from physician autonomy in product selection to identifying the rationale for cross-country differences in market penetration 
  • Evaluated multiple markets for product acquisition; both white space evaluation and specific product evaluation
  • Assisted in the commercialization of products in a number of therapeutic areas
  • Supported multiple ultra-orphan branded therapies in brand strategy and inline forecasting
  • Led the development of brand strategy for cardiovascular- and oncology-focused products
  • Engaged in multiple projects to develop managed markets strategies for oral and IV therapeutics and supportive care products
  • Developed strategic insights for multiple diagnostic and medical device products 

Background & Education 


  • Project Manager, Harvard Medical School/Brigham and Women’s Hospital
  • Senior Associate, Boston Healthcare 


Harvard University (AB Psychology, cum laude)

Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth (MBA)  

Strategic consulting:  From early in his career, Herman has pursued solutions to even the most challenging problems. Consulting for Trinity allows Herman to fully engage his background and experience to develop solutions that are focused on the particular needs of his clients.

“I find consulting at Trinity very rewarding because the Trinity business model encourages a close relationship with clients—to develop strategies that address their business issues and to partner with them to ensure the successful implementation of those strategies.” 

Passion for life sciences:  Herman passionately works within the health care arena because the industry's life-saving potential touches people’s lives every day. “It’s all about solving problems that affect the everyday health of people.  Our sole focus on health care allows our consultants to develop the skills to know where to look to determine the unmet needs to address.” 

Client relationships: Herman looks for novel, “outside-of-the-box” solutions and treats client issues in a way that addresses their specific business realities. “My clients appreciate that novel, personalized touch that I bring to projects. They also like the fact that I can keep my sense of humor throughout the process, as well.”  

The pursuit of excellence: Identifying a winning idea that solves an issue in a novel way, inspires and motivates Herman to work harder to answer difficult business questions. “Our work with our clients is a partnership, from start to finish. My clients’ success pushes me to work harder.” 

Leadership:  Leadership is about matching external needs to internal expertise. Herman stated, “It’s not only having the vision, but also the will to take action. This is the key trait that I see in today’s industry leaders.” 

Life outside the office:  When not solving tough business questions, Herman plays soccer, tennis, or generally anything involving chasing a ball. In his community, he volunteers for Peace First ( an organization for which he worked in college, teaching violence prevention to children. At home, he enjoys his spare time with his wife and their baby girl.  He is also a voracious reader, which has been a passion since his youth—whether he is lost with a smile in the convoluted mind of David Foster Wallace or trudging through the miasma of history with Jared Diamond.  Herman is also a new father to a beautiful baby girl.  

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Success often hinges on deeper insights—those we glean from our expertise in in-line forecasting, market overviews, and data management.

Stephen Fleming: Partner at Trinity Partners, LLC.

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Introducing Stephen:

Stephen expertly provides innovative commercial strategy support.  He has worked on over 150 engagements, including in-line brand strategic support, product forecasting, licensing and acquisitions due diligence, and data management. 

Professional Highlights 

  • Experience in over 30 therapeutic categories
  • Established best practices in areas of market sizing, forecasting, and licensing and acquisitions support
  • Recently helped launch brands in several major therapeutic classes including CNS, oncology, GI, virology, CV and autoimmune disorders
  • Actively involved in presenting at major forecasting conferences including CBI’s New Product Forecasting Conference in the Summer of 2012

Background & Education 


  • Since 2004, Stephen has provided strategic consulting support to clients throughout the life science industry
  • Sales and Marketing at Johnson & Johnson’s McNeil division  


  • Princeton University (Graduated with Honors in Economics)
  • Carroll School of Management, Boston College (MBA) 

Strategic consulting:  “Our clients are very invested in their companies,” Stephen says. “And we’re invested in helping them reach their business goals, so they can make a difference in the healthcare community.” 

Passion for life sciences:  For Stephen, passion springs from his day-to-day work with clients. “Our clients are developing breakthroughs in the treatment of severe diseases.  I believe our partnership helps maximize their ability to treat underserved patient populations where their therapies can make a real difference.”   

Client relationships: Stephen strives to always be upfront and honest, and give clients 100% of his effort. “I strongly believe our work ethic and strong product offering builds lasting relationships within the industry.  Our clients trust us with some of their most complex issues and as long as we give each engagement a 110% effort, those relationships will continue to flourish.” 

The pursuit of excellence: Clients are always the priority. “That’s why we deliver at the highest level,” Stephen says, noting that he enjoys being deeply involved in the health care space and helping make decisions that will improve care around the world. “It’s very satisfying, even though our engagements are a small piece of the entire health care industry.” 

Leadership: One of the enlightened traits Stephen sees in today’s leaders is a willingness to take chances. “The health care industry rewards innovation.  The clients who develop novel therapies or conduct groundbreaking clinical research are the ones experiencing the most success.  I believe Trinity helps today’s leaders by pushing them to think in innovative ways that help push the current industry standard.” 

Life outside the office:  Stephen is an avid sports enthusiast, and Boston gives him an abundance of outlets for this passion. But he doesn’t just watch—he also participates in golf outings, triathlons and other events for various local charities.  


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Our relationships are sustainable, because we envelop ourselves in our clients' marketplace, we talk to the stakeholders, and act as the eyes
and ears of the brand.

Aparna Deshpande: Partner at Trinity Partners, LLC.

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