Corporate strategy

At Trinity, we’re experts in identifying strategies for success in new therapeutic areas and geographies.

Practice area overview

Corporate strategy leverages all of our practice areas to help our clients identify new opportunities… whether functional, therapeutic, or geographic...

Our approach

Our strategic approach is designed to support organizations with short- and long-term planning to ensure growth and profitability. We can help maximize current assets, support development of new and improved products, or identify licensing and acquisition opportunities that best synergize with the current offerings, and more.

Future growth identification

By developing strategic roadmaps, we help our clients answer key questions: where do they want to be and how they will get there? By helping them realize sustainable growth, either through leveraging current core competencies or by diversifying their portfolios, we can help position them for future success.

Current franchise support

We support our clients through all aspects of strategic marketing, including short- and long-term brand planning, clinical development, and lifecycle management. We’re experts in strategic business optimization, driven through intensive fact-gathering, extensive benchmarking, and cross-functional brainstorming.

Cutting-edge strategic planning

Our approach helps clients make important decisions at the brand, business, and corporate levels:

  • Business unit and therapeutic area assessments
  • Identification of new business opportunities
  • Resource allocation and investment decision support
  • In-depth market and competitive intelligence
  • Development and optimization of new products
  • Benchmarking and case studies
  • Strategic options/scenario analysis

Corporate strategy leverages all of our core capabilities