Career progression

At Trinity, we build skill sets and give our employees a solid base upon which to leap forward.

It’s great to be part of such a powerful team, where your thoughts and suggestions are always welcome regardless of your job title

Associate Consultant

Associate Consultants work as integral parts of one or more project teams comprised of skilled colleagues and management team members. This environment provides exposure to a wide variety of strategic business issues, as well as the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of the life sciences industry. As an Associate Consultant you will:

  • Act as an integral part of one or more project teams
  • Work on projects with skilled colleagues and management team members
  • Be exposed to a wide variety of strategic business issues
  • Gather information, create, and interpret analyses, and present findings to project teams and clients
  • Provide the foundation on which our recommendations are ultimately grounded
  • Develop skills through undergoing extensive formal and informal training 
  • Receive mentorship and encouragement

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Consultants are responsible for fulfilling a leadership role on multiple case teams, designing and implementing strategies to help our clients maintain strong growth. Client engagements are generally focused in one or more areas of Trinity’s specialized expertise. As a Consultant you will:

  • Support teams as the “analytic leader” on projects
  • Analyze quantitative data and turn it into actionable solutions and insights for clients
  • Emerge and gain recognition as the internal “expert” in one or two functional/therapeutic areas
  • Coordinate and oversee project-based activities for Associates
  • Serve as primary point-of-client contact for ongoing activities
  • Create and manage client proposals and presentations

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Senior Consultant

Senior Consultants play an important role in strengthening Trinity’s offerings, commercialization strategies, growth, culture and internal initiatives. They are the principle contacts for assigned clients in delivering quality, timely, and value-added results, and in identifying opportunities for business expansion. Senior Consultants also manage full-cycle projects with minimal supervision and lead senior-level client presentations. And, they supervise assigned groups comprised of Associates and Consultants. As a Senior Consultant you will:

  • Act as the principal contact for ongoing projects
  • Oversee multiple project teams
  • Manage and mentor junior level employees
  • Build ongoing relationships with clients and identify business expansion opportunities
  • Become an important member of Trinity’s Management Team

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Leadership Team

Members of the Leadership Team fulfill the key management roles at Trinity. These individuals will work as engagement leaders on client projects, strategic leaders on talent management,  and intellectual leaders for further expanding the firm’s capabilities. Trinity’s Leadership Team supports the firm’s success by:

  • Identifying and implementing innovative initiatives
  • Contributing as a strategic business partner to senior management
  • Developing short- and long-term goals and spearheading the implementation of related activities

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Career progression

At Trinity, we focus on skill base as the driver of career progression.