Training program

At Trinity, our employees are our most important asset, and we make an ongoing investment in their professional growth.

Trinity is a company where each individual is encouraged to give their best. Excellence, creativity, and flexibility are all rewarded as we strive to innovate and improve not only our work but our work environment.

New hire training program

Trinity has designed an effective two-week intensive introductory training program for Associate Consultants. This program provides a comprehensive perspective on our business, with training in specific analytical and technical skills necessary for success. The program challenges our associates with a specific project that is presented at the conclusion of training. After these two weeks, our associates have the relevant foundation on which to start contributing under the mentorship of their team members. 

Knowledge sharing

We believe the best training actually continues on the job.  We have instituted numerous opportunities to learn from each other, including a “Breakfast & Learn” session every other Friday during which, our team members present recent projects. New hires are also given the opportunity to hone their skills by making presentations during monthly mentoring meetings. There are also annual company offsite meetings where the leadership team shares key company updates with the Trinity team.

Senior level training

As careers progress, Trinity has implemented ongoing training programs in such areas as business development and public speaking.  Our senior level associates are tasked with knowledge sharing of company “Best Practices” for various projects. And, they receive development coaching on building interpersonal and management skills, such as conflict resolution and  managing personality types for success.

Outside professional training

At Trinity, we also engage the services of outside professionals to help develop our associates through management and other career skills training programs.